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Fontana International Calling Card

Step 1 >>> Choose Access Type
Free Less - 03-5272-8461
03,04 Areas Home Phone Free - 0120-287-288
03,04 Areas Public Phone Free - 0120-322-699
Step 2 >>> Select Language
1 - Japanese
2 - English
3 - Chinese
Step 3 >>> Access Code
Step 4 >>> Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number + #

Free Less you will be billed for domestic charges by your local carrier
from the connection time to our access point in Tokyo until you hang up the phone.

If you have any Qustion contact us.

NTT Service Infomation
offers unlimited access to two telephone numbers of your choice
between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. by paying a monthly flat rate.

Time Plus
For a monthly charge of 210, you can make calls/data communications
to local areas at the rate of 8.925 per five minutes*.

For a monthly charge, i-AI-PLAN offers a discount on monthly dialing/data
communications charges up to a set limit to one pre-designated number within
the local area regardless of day or time. Regular rates apply for calls/data
communications made after the limit is exceeded